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Real estate services in Milan center

Dimensione Centro specializes in buying and selling luxury apartments and offices.
The company has always cultivated a policy of institutional and private networks that allow it to offer and search for properties throughout Italy and, for special initiatives, in Europe. A serious and competent approach places the customer at the center of the widest choice opportunities, the result of constant market monitoring.
The global consulting service addresses the real estate needs of business customers, identifying the real and potential values ​​of the assets and facilitating the meeting between supply and demand.
Dimensione Centro has the lease and marketing of important real estate initiatives in Milan and its hinterland.
The management of subdivisions and construction sites starts from the typological and qualitative advice on the product to identify the cuts, finishes, technologies most suited to the specific market of each intervention. It is necessary to know how to enhance the finishing and plant contents that new techniques and new regulations require and propose to the market. And finally, to study promotional campaigns that know how to speak incisively and with originality to the identified target.



Dimensione Centro fornisce i seguenti servizi:

  • Real estate brokerage: assistance and advice on the sale and rental / lease of properties with any intended use.
  • Free evaluations.
  • Mortgage and cadastral surveys.
  • Estimates and appraisals.
  • Full commercial assistance and advice for the construction and sale of buildings on site.
  • Division of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Buying and selling of properties and tourist complexes throughout Italy.
  • Property proposals for income investment.
  • Advice on acquiring mortgages, leasing and financing.
  • Consultancy on energy certification of buildings (ACE).
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